Stuff gets shipped, stuff gets found.

I have a fetish for free stuff dumped on the side of the street.

Always finding myself stopping and checking it out, regardless on how crappy it is, and taking it home.

But this time it was different. Sunday I was walking to the deli a couple blocks away from my house. I see this vintage washboard sitting on the grass.

I honestly couldn’t believe someone wouldn’t care about it. I waited a couple minutes before deciding I was taking that thing home with me.

If you’re thinking I don’t have a washing machine at home: I do. It’s just that I love early blues. Charley Patton and other sacred monster of the 30’s used it very often in studio and live recordings…The one I found is an original American Washboard Company “Soap Saver”, and it’s dated 1915!

Also,  quick update on Premio Arte Laguna. I had the unexpected privilege of having one of my images selected with other 180 artists from all over the world for this price. There will be an exhibition opening on march 6th at Tese dell’Arsenale in Venice. Italians (and non-italians if you want to travel): you’re invited.

I “outsourced” the printing, framing and shipping of my image, delegating it to my father Marco (thank you!) and if you’re not familiar with Venice: people use boats instead of cars. The image below shows the transportation guys taking some of our works to the location (yeah people printed bigger than usual).

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