That’s where I want to be! (Gimme Gimme)

just to quote Weezer.

Got back last night from an intense 2-day with Eric LaCour; shooting Giuliana Rancic for the summer cover of Michigan Ave at the Mirage in Beverly Hills.

I finally had the chance to experience a california queen bed (and have to admit is so hard to go back to the twin once you try it). Fist pic below.

Eric is insane, in the best significance of the term. Creative, talented and fun to work with. The team he was able to put together  on sunday, for the test shoot, made my weekend: thank you Jeff, Rachele, Fernando for cracking me up approximately every 5 sec.

The images below are taken from the location scouting session and test shoot. Soon updates on the cover and the story that Sleep Now Robot will retouch (wohoooo).

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