I have to be honest, it hasn’t been easy lately. Some major changes in life forced me LEARN how things most of the times are not what they seem.

And although I try my best to not be overly dramatic (maybe pretending I’m fully comfortable) , I think that in this case saying “I felt like shit” is the best way to express the concept.


Situations change, and I move on.

Stimulating work, on the other hand, has kept my brain in healthy mode. A month ago I’ve been contacted by Reesa Ali. I like to refer to her as an western indian creative thinker, but she likes to be called a Kitchen Product Developer. She is working on her first entertainment cookbook; a journey how we like to call it. Reesa is creating, producing and publishing the entire project, which will be available for purchase in libraries across the country and Amazon.

Check out book news on her personal page.  (I’ve never had such amazing food during a shoot)

Below some screengrabs of the italian and spanish menu we worked on.


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