back from another 9 hours of shooting.

I forgot to tell you! A few weeks ago I’ve been invited by photographer, educator and author Chris Orwig to take portaits of the speakers at TEDx American Riviera, an intensive conference that focuses on how imagination affects our lives and significantly influences Technology, Entertainment and Design. The event has hosted some interesting personalities throughout the years, such as Brian Greene, Jane Goodall and Al Gore. It’s organized and sponsored by TED, a small nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading.


The American Riviera version of it has been hosted in Santa Barbara and focused topics related to biology, renewable energy resources, interpersonal relationships and much much more. All of this in really short concise speeches by the most relevant thinkers of the area such as former surfing world champion Shaun Tomson and director of the ground-breaking Center for Nanomedicine Dr. Jamey Marth.

Make sure you check out their site for other upcoming TEDx in your area.

Below the group shot taken the day of the event.

One thought on “TEDx

  1. Very good shots and compliments for managing to get in touch with this important event.

    I knew TED.
    I saw some episodes on Internet about renewables energy.

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