Yes it’s done, I think!

Graduating tomorrow!

holy shtoriekjglfdjgdflkgdfgklfdgd!!!

I can barely think of something appropriate to say, so I’m gonna copy and paste a part of my thank you letter; If you’re not on this list, it doesn’t matter, cause most likely I’m grateful I know you as well.

The past years have been an adventure, exteriorly and interiorly. The motivation of changing my life that moved me from Europe to the States without a clear goal. Being a photographer is not a goal, being a photographer is something you do to interpret the world around you in your own way. It’s a media, you use it to do something else, but it’s not the action itself. The ultimate purpose of us doing it is what matters the most. Chris, you once said it in the best way possible: to take better pictures, become a more interesting person.
It truly is that simple.
Of course, when I left home I didn’t know this. The goal revealed itself along the way. This school turned out to be  the Journey, the learning process, the most relevant lesson of them all: learning about myself by pushing

I want to thank you everyone who, along the way, helped me become who I am today.Close or far relatives, friends and strangers. Life, has turned into the greatest experience because of YOU.
Mamma e Papà, thanks for understanding the space that needed to be given, and the invisible hand support, at times, it represented the only thing that kept me focused and going. Valeria, perhaps the most important girl in my life, despite how things changed you and your teachings will be part of me forever. Friends, you changed me! Miles, James, George, Dustin, Nicola, Federico, Katie, Scott, Alyse, Jordie, Dylan, Danielle, Nicole, Jen, Jess, Mimi, Chase, Cara, Kailey and Jonas, Erin, Aj, Elizabeth, Jillian, Cara, Edoardo, Bounce, Erin…Who knows how many I’m leaving out! But hey, I love you.
Instructors: I’m gonna have to say I love you too, you’ve become friends. In chronological order (not of  importance!) from the very first one of you I’ve met, you’re affability and professionalism  put me on the right track from the very beginning. Robert Bradshaw, Kevin Osborn, Green Neal, Ryan Bowden, Anna Kwong, George Ayoub, Dean DePhillipo, Charles Choi, Joanne Calitri, Greg Voight, Gwendolyn McClure, Alec Wilczynski, Bruce Burkhardt, Nino Rakichevich, Bart Goldstein, Rob Winner, Chris Orwig, Robert Foster, Janet Barr, Harry Liles, Ron Smith, Natsuki Smith, Linda Rolens, Bill Robbins, Chris Buckpitt, Traci Jaslove. Oh well…
Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are, and always will be, in my thoughts.
What a great adventure.

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