Smoetiems Tehy Retrun


It’s been an interesting two-month period away from this blog. (I won’t apologize for the lack of posts-I’ve been working for you!)

After an amazing graduation ceremony, my parents visiting the place where I lived for three years and a 13 hour flight to Italy, I started focusing on my future collaboration with art director and photographer Enrico Caputo, I like his style, and I like his outfits as well (most of the times).

Mostly creating branding, portfolio material and contacts with italian and international agencies. We also developed beer bellies and food allergies from eating way to much pork.

I will keep you posted on this good stuff ( I promise I won’t disappear again ).

For now, one little thing I can give you a sneak peak on: and it’s our magazine-portfolio or portfolio-magazine, of course I’m gonna tell you that it looks amazing, but take my word on it, it really does.

Oh, and a couple days ago I had the chance to shoot some portraits for Megan Bolger and her portfolio. Below a link to the first part of her personal gallery, We had two hours total to make her look amazing and photograph her, i think we made it. Click her to VIEW IT.




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