Wanna say Hi?

Matt&Harry is ON!

Enrico and I just finalized our website, which is now live. You are oh so welcome to check it out HERE.

Mr. Caputo and I started to work at our portfolio this fall, as he flew into L.A. to focus on a few projects we had in mind. Most of them turned into reality and one of the coolest in the works is a photographic tourist/lifestyle guide. We basically walk around, photograph people we find interesting, and ask them for cool thing to do in the city. We think it’s pretty sweet. Especially if you get to have it edited by some of the coolest art directors the country.

Some of the people we recently met and were down to talk with us of what they like to do:


You can now find Matt&Harry on facebook, wordpress and wait wait…? also right behind you.

Our blog (mandatory to save under “cool stuff” on your computer) > http://wemakeitcool.wordpress.com/

Our Facebook page (we are an actual person, not quite the average “fan page”) > Matt&Harry on fb

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