A Biscuit Accident.

Some of my friends really can’t stay still. So when you meet them again after years since the last encounter, you realize they  have been up to so much stuff. Maurizio De Marchio’ is one of them, my last memory involving him is a road trip with my beat up car to the most remote corners of East Europe. Sleeping in parking lots and paying way to many highway fees. One of his companies is now producing in Italy some of the coolest shirts featuring illustrations from designers around the globe. You can check out their site here> A Biscuit Accident .

I’ve been asked to create some new photo material for their brand. A tiny production so we decided to go crazy on it. I shot some frames and asked Cecilia Cappelli – designer and prettiest girl in the world – to draw some silly shit on it.

This is one of them.

This brand also supports Polipolo a bike polo team (ok btw its one of the coolest sports I’ve ever seen). These fuckers use their bikes as horses, and if they fall, it’s on hard asphalt (if you’re lucky ).

I photographed them as well.

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