Printing Solids!

Yesterday I spent some time at Grab Group, an architecture and design studio where good friend Edoardo Pedrotti works at.

The place kinda looks like this.

The studio recently bought a 3d printer, which can create solids of every shape and function – with very few restrictions.

Through a software that kinda looks like this…

You can get whatever you want, in this case a little robot and after you take out the structural parts…

You can get something like this.

This is Megaphone Records new gadget. I’ve gotta say, it’s really sturdy and cute. It was fascinating to see it develop from CAD into reality.

Soon, this and many other keychain robots will be available for sale on their site and at all shows featuring one of their bands ( I think ) . Support them, the music they strive to produce is some of the most authentic in our country.

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