In that drawer.

A couple of weeks ago Mario Sandrin, an incredibly active investor and editor of our area, called me to his office. It’s a deep room, high ceilings, hard wood furniture and this old man is waiting for me behind his desk. He shows me a latter box. In it, wrapped in white paper, an old plastic camera. He tells me it was found after 40 years, in a drawer at his winter house in Piancavallo. He asks me if it would be possible for me to scan the negatives and photograph the camera, in order for him to write an article on the finding. He is a good man.

These are two of the incredible images that came out from that roll of 126 film ( a format that is now out of production ), some of the people pictured are pillars of Piancavallo’s community. At the top Dr. Giovetti and Dr. Magri playing bocce. At the bottom Paolo Sandrin, now feared lawyer. Behind him, a white Renault r6 which belonged to my father, the playboy bunny is a nice touch by the way dad.

At last, the picture i took of that camera. I’ll keep you posted when something gets published. Take care.

3 thoughts on “In that drawer.

  1. Dear Boy

    Some comments that I hope will come in handy for relations with Mario Sandrin.
    You has posted finds approximately dated 1978-1979.
    Filming was done near the Park Hotel in Aviano Piancavallo.

    In the first picture two bowlers.
    To the left Dr. Giovetti (Robert’s father) in the middle Mr. Magri famous for the expletive “D.. Ombrelòn”.

    In the second picture the child crouched is Paolo Sandrin (now known lawyer of Pordenone).

    In the background looks a car with the logo of Playboy.
    It ‘a Renault R6 which belonged to a certain Marco Balsamini

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