Findings #3

I’m having doubts on wether I should keep posting in english or translate in italian as well. If you guys feel like it, leave a comment (or email me) and tell me what makes most sense to you. Expecially the italians, it would be much appreciated. Last week I had to go through some old photographs and found some of them below. It looks very distant to me, but about 7 years ago I was racing a little bit around the globe, doing pretty good. I thought it was fun/cute/nice to share.

And sorry for the big gap in postings, I’m almost done retouching for an adv campaign we shot two weeks ago in Milan. I’ve been spending my days at the computer. News Soon!

One thought on “Findings #3

  1. Personally, – although I often I have to use Google Translate – I think it makes sense to keep the post in English. I think it’s an incentive for those of us who want to perfect their knowledge of the Albion’s language.
    We can’t forget that we are living in a globalized world.
    Remainimg anchored to out language is likely to become limiting.
    At most you could offer two versions in both languages​​…
    Nice to see your old photos !
    Please do not lose them!
    You don’t know how much you’ll regret it in a few years

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