Of all the Bullshit.

I’ve started reading a book, I’ve had it for a while now, picked it up, started it, but never really read it.

I recently started it over, determined to understand it. It’s an essay by John Berger titled “Ways of Seeing”. I have to be honest, often I find it hard to read what people say about interpretation of imagery,

but this book is really hitting the spot. Berger’s analysis of what it means to look (at animals, at people, through a camera etc…) is honest and ruthless at the same time. In it I found the only quote about photography of all the bullshit that many people say, that I think it’s worth sharing.

He says:

“Through photographs, the world becomes a series of isolated particles in their own right. History, past and present, becomes an assortment of anecdotes and faits divers. The camera makes reality atomic, manageable and opaque. It is an interpretation of the world that denies connection and continuity, but that gives every time the character of a mystery.”

This to me is real. I believe it came to me at the right time. I recently started working on my new website and identity, wrapping up projects and clearing my mind. I have good feelings.


2 thoughts on “Of all the Bullshit.

  1. It’s been a long while since I read that book. I wasn’t a photographer when I read it…actually, I was a photographer but I didn’t know I was a photographer yet…no, I knew I was a photographer, but I didn’t have the balls to go out on a limb and declare that I was a photographer yet… A lot has changed since then. I think I may need to pick it up again.

  2. Our life is full of “points of light”. In most cases we do not see them and we move on. Other times, when the light has a frequency closer to that of our special moment, we realize it. They are little miracles of awareness. Should be examined, appreciated and our thanks must be given to our soul that has known how to see them and make their own.

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