A message.

I took this shot in the most confused -yet happiest times of my life.

This is my best friend Miles, I photographed him last year in Haleiwa, Hawaii.

We went trough photography school together, he’s been my roommate, my music partner and my lets-get-shitfaced-drunk companion. When I flew out to visit him last spring, he was living there working as surf and lifestyle photographer, Miles got to a level where he could always come home with the job done, and done well. A couple months ago I got an email from him, in which he told me he was dropping photography, he sold his camera, lights, underwater housing, everything till the last CF card. He grew tired of it. With the money he made he helped his sister pay for education. Since then, I haven’t heard from him too much, and many of our friends we have in common keep asking me where he went. He purposively decided to go low profile for bit, I guess. The truth is I don’t know were he is, so this goes out as a message to him too. Let me know something about your life.

I respect this guy like no other, he helped me grow up and become the person I am now, I hope he’s doing fine.

Cheers Buddy.

3 thoughts on “A message.

  1. i was just thinking about him this morning and wondering how to get a hold of him 😦 miss him AND YOU MYTEARS!

  2. I read your story and I was speechless. Losing a friend like this leaves a great emptiness and deep sadness. I remember Miles very well and I know how has been important for your life.

  3. I’ve been wondering the same thing 😦 Hopefully he finds what he’s looking for. MILES you have friends waiting for you to come back!!

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