Never thought I would be doing this. But.

I’ve been asked to be an instructor at IUAV, University of Venice. MeLa Media Lab, created a master class called Interactive Media for Interior Design.

The class will form professionals in the field of architecture, interior and object design, through the teaching of 3d modelling and rendering, post-production and interactive media approach.

I will be teaching a module on photography including lighting, composition and styling working together with art buyers, and a module about post-production, with particular attention to photo realistic compositing, reflections, shadows and creative applications of color correction.

Basically everything you need to know to make a 3d image look like a photograph.

I am honored  to be working with an amazing staff of instructors in the fields of interaction design, computer graphics and  architects. Thank you to Luciano Comacchio, the class supervisor at IUAV who thought it was a good idea to call me and believe in what I do.

The class will start in November 2012 and will be a year long. Here you can find the MeLa learning website complete with the program of the course. If you are interested in attending feel free to contact them at

Some images produced at MeLa

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