Don’t forget the Popcorn.

Francesco Vanin is the CEO of one of Italy’s most known web tv’s PnBox.

The tv is based on the contents offered but the final users, anyone can produce videos, record interviews or any other content and send it to then watch it on demand for free.

Tomorrow Francesco will be brought to trial, facing six months of jail, accused by the order of journalist to be broadcasting information without actually being a journalist and provide a service to the community that replaces standard means of communication.

Italy has already faced issues on similar topics earlier this year with the legislative reform proposal (paragraph 29) in which there was a requirement for all websites to publish, within 48 hours of the request without comment, a correction of any content that the applicant considers detrimental to its image. Fortunately the proposal didn’t pass.

PnBox’s case will probably be a very representative one in the scenario of free information.

So the appointment is tomorrow, 12pm at the Pordenone Courthouse, for probably what would be the final decision. Don’t forget the popcorn and soda.

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