Staying Fit.

Really exited to say this.

For the past two weeks I’ve been working at Fabrica with a team of amazing creatives on the campaign for Erik Ravelo’s exhibit Doping Thrower.

Today July 27th, at the Dray Walk Gallery in the heart of London, the art installation opened. The sculpture was inspired by the Discobolus, the famous statue by Myron, symbol of the passion for the Olympic Games and of the cult of human physical perfection. The Doping Thrower is completely smothered in hundreds of multicolour capsules, phials and tablets. Together with Marco Pavan and Valeria Anzolin I photographed the statue and produced the images that are now displayed at the gallery.

It was nice to walk into the office and see the full page ad on Corriere della Sera, Stampa, Gazzetta dello Sport and The Guardian. I got pretty exited and bought them all.

More info about the exhibit here, if you’re in London and would like to check it out, it will be ongoing until August 6th.

4 thoughts on “Staying Fit.

  1. Dude! Mattia you’re killing it over in Europe! Is that your shot of the sculpture or the people? Either way, super excited to see you doing well!

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