Shit to do before you die.

A year ago I was living with good friends George and Dustin in a very creepy house in West Hollywood. I remember it had some issues with the windows: some of them wouldn’t close properly but we didn’t find out until later on. Then one day I come home from work and the street is closed by firefighters trucks and cops. I go trough security and the closer I get the more anxious I become, as it really looks like my house is what they are “working on”. Once I get to the gate it is not really my house but my neighbor’s, which lives about 5 meters from me, in a small house located in our  backyard. He was more of a roommate than a neighbor. Once I go through the gate I notice his little apartment is completely gone, destroyed by flames.

Despite this, I really loved our house. Always full of surprises. Like the day George walks in telling us we need to quickly set up for a shoot because someone is coming to visit.

Turns out it was the guys from one of the best shows MTV has ever produced on their screens: The Buried Life. Four guys traveling around the States to complete a bucket list of 100 things to do before you die. It’s the kind of reality that makes you want to just fuck around for the rest of your life. This is what they attempted to do in the first season.

For more information check out their website HERE.

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