Find New Codes.

Back from a 3-day adventure at Padova Vintage Festival. This year, a very special one.

It has been mind opening to live at close contact with true vintage experts, and learn, once again, that looking at the past is not only a matter of style, but a matter of being in love with values of different époques. Where fashion is only the surface of something much deeper.

One of the most controversial speeches in my opinion has been held by Andrea Pezzi, an ex MTV and RAI host and author who now works as strategic consultant for brands worldwide. Many attendants were disturbed by his approach to the whole concept of “vintage”, as he is against the idea of “taking a pair of pants and ruin them up a little in order to give them an story” or even worst “to wear stuff that has been worn by someone much more interesting to get an attitude”. Despite this, what remains from his approach is the fact we need to look forward, stop copying from the past and find new codes to be prepared for the future.

As always maybe, the truth lies in the middle and a great response to mr. Pezzi’s thoughts are given this good article which deals with the concept in much more depth than I could explain here. I also recommend to watch this short interview (in italian!) recorded shortly before his lecture.

I need to publicly thank everyone who worked on it and made me part of it, for making everything smooth. In particular Andrea Tonello, Paolo Orsacchini, Carlo Battiston, Stefano Baccarin and Martina Candotti and all the staff of the press office with the majestic skills of Con Altri Mezzi, the fastest live-feeders in northern Italy.

Below a short selection of portraits I took of speakers and public for the written articles.

In descending order: Andrea Pezzi, Carlo Pastore, Andrea and Anne, Pif, Corrado Pizzighello, Saturnino.

3 thoughts on “Find New Codes.

  1. Grazie Mattia, a nome di tutta la redazione CAM. E’ strano, in tre giorni ti ho visto solo una volta, tu perennemente sul set per gli ospiti, io in redazione o a girare per il San Gaetano: il festival è anche questo. In ogni caso, lascia che ti faccia i complimenti per le foto che hai fatto a relatori e sponsor: gran classe.
    Buon lavoro!

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