On display.

Good afternoon people. Sorry for not keeping up with the news lately. It happens from time to time that I like to close myself up and just work, without sharing what is happening. Not that I think it is unimportant to keep others informed, but simply because I’m uncertain on the outcomes of some projects and like to see them happen first, then share them.

Last month I’ve been selected by Alessandro Ruzzier and Grafite to be part of a spin off of Palinsesti.

For this edition, Palinsesti’s main event is Scatole Sonore, (literally, “sound boxes”), an exhibit completely revolving on the interaction with sound. Sound and visual artist will be featured and their works will be compared in a dialogue on an architectural scale. The main objective is to encourage the viewer, place him at the center of the work, so that his senses (vision, touch, hearing) will allow a direct and immersive experience. I’m honored of being part of this with two other  photographers of my Area: Francesca Cristin and Federica Valvassori.

I will present my project Uno Zero Sette, a series of portraits taken at a particular time, which will be up until December 9th. I’d love to see you at the opening on november 24th, Palazzo Altan, San Vito al Tagliamento.

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