In and around the storm.

Should photographs tell stories?

I would answer “yes”. Not that it is always necessary to do so, but it’s often a good thing. Depending on what you are trying do to or who you are working for. Using photographs to let others see what they haven’t seen, or understand something they’re are not able to explore is just like talking. And photographing in a way that others can understand could be a goal.  

If I read more books I get better at writing, If I look at other people’s photographs I get better at shooting.

There is another way of getting better: letting others present us their approach.

Cecilia Ibañez is an old friend who is good, in the simplest and most linear way, at sharing ways of seeing from a different perspective and create projects that shine with clear and rich contents. Last year she published a beautiful book, Dentro la Tempesta (literally, Inside the Storm), a collections of photographs and personal notes taken between 2007 and 2010, spent following some of most relevant independent (yes I said INDIE) bands of our country in their tours and studios. Three years of her life are in there. And it’s magnetic, not only because I love almost all of the bands portrayed in the book, but because you can feel the connection, you can see the string that keeps all of these photographs together. That for me is most powerful way to communicate, flow from a thought to another, seamlessly and effectively. Dentro la Tempesta is strong and simple book, if you’re interested you can get it here. I look at it from time to time, to tell myself, again and again, that shooting is like speaking, not every word should be yelled, not every image should be bold. There is room for pictures that capture you and other that just help you flip to the next page. Every single one of them is crucial. That is why this book works.

Below I’ve photographed some pages.

A couple of years ago, Cecilia started creating workshops about storytelling.  for the upcoming one, that will be held at La Tempesta al Rivolta on December 8th, she asked me to manage the editing and retouching lecture.

This is a beautiful workshop that will evolve in four lectures, pre-production (the creation of a project) , selection, editing and post-production, shooting and final reviews. I recommend it because it’s worthwhile and affordable.

If you would like to learn more feel free to email me or cecilia at

You can also find more information on Cecilia’s workshops at this link.

Hope to see you there.

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