Hands and Silence.

Almost two years after the beginning idea, the result is in our hands, tangible. I’m very exited to let you know the book we’ve been working on with so much energy, has been published and will be available in two weeks.

Modern portraits of old craftsmanships has been a long term project that just got to the end. I by the way would like to thank everyone who helped bringing it to life.


This book is the result of research and a journey in our province lasted a year and a half. We visited more than 60 workshops meeting the last representatives of trades that are endangered. We portrayed them in their workspaces, where the final customer usually does not have access. Women and men, witnesses and architects of a world that, despite the difficulties, and the modernization continues to exist precisely, where it has always been. A reality that today more than ever shows us the way to an innovative succession planning – looking to the future without forgetting past.


Below a short making of video by our good friend Edoardo Vojvoda, that follows the printing process and serves as invitation to the presentation event.

To our italian friends – who could be able to be at the presentation event: we will show the book and talk about it -together with the writers and  the institutions who supported us, on December 5th, at the Pordenone library, Piazza XX Settembre at 8.30pm.  The book will be available for purchase that night and by December 6th, in bookstores. It will also be soon available for purchase on the web, shipping worldwide.

Here is the link to the event. We really hope to see you there.

2 thoughts on “Hands and Silence.

  1. Nooo, è da quando ho iniziato il Brooks che ho questa idea di tornare in Italia e fotografare le piccole realtà lavorative, le botteghe e i bottegai della manodopera italiana che secondo me si andranno perdendo. Grande progetto Mattia, sono curioso. Dove posso trovare il libro?

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