Austerity Christmas Giveaway.

This year I’ve been asked to be part of an amazing collective of photographers.

Guido Cecere, an avid photography lover, curator, teacher and of course photographer, invited me to participate to this production. Every year a group of photographers – including some of italy’s most relevant authors – gets together to produce a 2013 photography calendar. It is somewhat a tradition to put together this project, which is a greeting for the year to come.

This edition’s theme is See Better – to be interpreted in the broadest way.

I am honored to be in it, also because I am the youngest and less experienced photographer of the group. The images are diverse and stunning. Below I have included some of my favorites by Enzo Tedeschi, Lorella Klun, Mario Paviotti, Sergio Scabar together with mine. There are also three ongoing exhibition to present it, featuring these same images, in Pordenone (Teatro Verdi), Udine (Teatro Nuovo Giovanni) and starting december 22nd  in Pieve di Cadore (Museo dell’Occhiale).


It’s always nice to get presents – but on christmas it’s even better.  So I would like to give away 10 of these calendars to whoever is interested. Just send me an email with your address, I will ship it to you. Yes, even if it’s abroad.


Well, happy holidays, I hope you like it.


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