Sguardi d’atelier / A photo exhibition.

Marcolin has been producing and exporting italian luxury eyewear for more than fifty years. This company started from as a small artisan workshop in Cadore, Veneto – with the simple yet revolutionary idea of embellishing the frames with different metals, instead of regular plastic.

This March, the company will present an exhibition featuring portraits of artists and makers worldwide, who use their eyewear in their daily jobs. From Australia to Siberia, from the U.S. to Italy, a team of photographers were to sent to capture a day in the life of these people.

I was honored to be assigned to the Milan chapter , photographing fashion hair stylist Davide Diodovich – a very talented and kind man (here is a link to his website).

Below are some of the portraits I took of him when I visited the studio. These and many other images from all the other participating photographers will be displayed starting Tuesday, March  5th at Spazio Edit , in Via Maroncelli 14, Milan.

A huge ‘thank you’ goes out to Davide, Gioia, Orietta, Susanna, Maurizio and Teo.



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