Cutting, grinding and mowing for Leroy Merlin.

I recently had the chance to direct a short viral video for Leroy Merlin, a french owned home improvement store chain. It has been an almost entirely new experience, that I was happy to share with good friends. Many thanks to the fundamental editing work of Edoardo Vojvoda and the precious assistant help of Maurizio Polese and Teo Zanin. These friends I also would like to particularly mention for following me whenever possible and being the best  comrades I could ask for.

It has been an interesting production, as we sort of worked backwards, re-staging Vivaldi’s Spring.

We had the chance to collaborate with Eccetera, an amazing sound-design studio based in Milan. They created a soundtrack we had to match with our visuals and brought a portable audio studio on set, so we were able to launch the sound effects live and made them immediately match with the actions – some of the other sound effects were added in post.

I would like to thank for the enormous amount of care they put into this project and for believing in my work: Anna Ambrosi (my light in the darkness) at LUZ. Also, of course, the team at MC Saatchi, Michela (big sister) Alessio, Francesco, Giulia and Antonia for their hard work.  I apologize in advance if I accidentally left someone out.

Below a snapshot taken on set by Maurizio’s iPhone.


Director / Mattia Balsamini

Editor / Edoardo Vojvoda

Photography / Mattia Balsamini + Edoardo Vojvoda

Assistant & gaffer / Maurizio Polese + Teo Zanin

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