Real People Campaign for CMP F.lli Campagnolo

I’m very glad to be shooting more adv work that features real stories these days – I see it as a great (and healthy) direction for contemporary advertising. I recently had the opportunity to shoot and direct two campaigns for CMP Campagnolo, shooting both stills and video.

We traveled to South Tyrol, Italy, to meet two very special people and listen to their outdoor life stories. Just like to copy reads, we focused on showing a day in the life, staying 100% true to who these people are.

Below the print runs and exposition panels (amazing to see the printed huge and backlit)

CMP-adv-helga CMP-adv-franz

And one of the commercial I’ve directed with the infinite video editing help of Edoardo Vojvoda.

Many thanks to Alberto Di Donna and Lucia Zennaro at Pubblimarket 2 for the art direction and logistics. Luisa Borsato at CMP, and Daniela Kremer at Seiseralm and Artur Costabiei at Kronplatz for the location managing. And of course Helga Rauch, Franz Niederkofler and their families.

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