Faces from VF 2013.

Back from the last edition of Vintage Festival in Padova. This time it took a while to de-compress. It drained me more, I felt it more and I loved it more. Three days filled with new and old friends and with the great feeling of being part of an efficient team. I would like to thank the organization who keeps wanting me as staff photographer and the media team who coordinates the big amount of information and updates that keep flowing non-stop during the time of the festival. They did a great job listing out the ‘thank you’s’ as well, so I will repost part of their original text below.

CONCEPT: Andrea Tonello, Paolo Orsacchini

COORDINATION: Nicole Tressoldi, Giorgia Valmasoni, Francesco Zanovello

PRESS: Alberto Bullado, Alberto Antonello, Silvia Scarabello, Marta Mazzucato, Francesca Mazzucato, Claudia Biani, Beatrice Scutari.

WEB DEVELOPER: Daniele Artangelo

GRAPHIC DESIGN: Ruggero Baracco

PRESS OFFICE: Alessandra Canella, Giuseppe Bettiol, Federica Bressan, Angela Forin

LIVE COORDINATION: Stefano Baccarin, Giacomo Bosello, Damiano!

ADVISORY PANEL: Marco Monari, Irene Pollini Giolai, Alessa Marchioro, Angelo Cairoli, Martina Candotti, Mattia Balsamini

VIDEO PRODUCTION: Giampietro Cutrino, Miki Shipperman

STAFF: Fabio Fiocco, Benedetta Zanon, Carlo Trevisan, Carolina Blanco, Elisa Zanta, Ermanno Bolzonella, Francesca Negro, Gioia Chiarentin, Giorgia Agostini, Giulia Belluco, Giulia Pedron, Juliana Butacu, Ilaria Cacco, Irene Fanizza, Katia Riparelli, Marco Nalon, Micol Moscato, Stefania Riondato, Stefania Sbrefenfuochi, Pauska Acerbi

Personale Centro Culturale San Gaetano

PHOTO COORDINATION: Giulio Petrocco e Simone Settimo

EVENT PHOTOGRAPHERS: Alessandra Toninello, Dean Lakic, Ioan Pilat, Nicholas Bastianello, Veronica Zerbetto, Federica Menon

CONFERENCES HOSTS: Leonardo Feltrin, Marco “Momo” Bernar, Adina Agugiaro, Stefano Tamiazzo, Alberto Fassina


Here are some of my favorite portraits.

daverioPhilippe Daverio
Giusi Ferrè
Giorgio Camuffo
Oliviero Toscani and Andrea Pellizzari

Below some outtakes:
albertoAlberto, sitting in for a quick light test before mr. Daverio walked in. As Alberto claimed a couple of days later, before going to rehab, he was very much thankful to Campari for being one of the event’s main sponsors.

vintage-fest2013-extra025Gip, Miki and Alberto trying extremely hard to be good models for a group shot.

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