Painless. The Sleeping Tree

The Sleeping Tree is Giulio Frausin, a musician, a poet and a friend. We started working at the concept for his first full album Painless, a year ago. He had the clear idea of creating photographs that really connected with positive values. Visual contents that represented overcoming hard times. So we initially focused on a portrait project, which we later realized it was going to be too literal: we wanted a generic feel. We then worked on a second approach, which ended up being the final project for this album.

With the help of Cecilia Cappelli and Teresa Frausin (who also designed the album and the beautiful handwriting) we put together an almost seamless moodboard covering different themes of the songs. We intentionally decided to keep it simple and real. Shot entirely on 120 and 35mm black and white film, home-developed with the amazing skills of Maurizio Polese and barely retouched. The result is what you partly see here, a collection of about 15 images which made it to print, in both the cover and the beautiful booklet featured in the package.

TST_LITI-010_icona_1440x1440_def tst-painless-print007

tst-painless-print014tst-painless-print016 tst-painless-print018

Below the album trailer filmed and directed by Annapaola Martin during the shooting.

Painless is out with La Tempesta International all over Italy but can also pre-listen and buy it here.

Thanks to:

Giulio Frausin
Teresa Frausin
Lorenzo Pellizzari
Sara Furlanetto
Paolo Pellizzari
Cecilia Cappelli
Maurizio Polese

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