Makers Faire for WIRED magazine

An assignment  I had the chance to shoot for the november Issue of WIRED. Compressed in a tiny room of Palazzo dei Congressi in Rome, during the second edition of Makers Faire, we set up a portable studio to photograph some of the protagonists of the third (if you count the advent of the internet I’d say fourth) technical revolution.

The story is by Lorenzo Mannella who also helped a lot by pre-selecting the most relevant makers for us before we even got to Rome.


Collagene by Alessandro Zomparelli and Filippo Nasetti. A facial scanner and an algorithm that changes you by generating a 3d masks.


On the left: Adriano Vlad, 16 year old. Expert in Arduino-based robotics and Greek enthusiast. He is currently studying at Liceo Classico Visconti and collaborating with Robotics School of Genova.  On the right: Paolo and Ferdinando Miraglia. Father and son share their passion for robots by building Arduino-based creatures with two or more legs.


Prototype: A-ladin by Giambattista Penna and Paolo Colombini of Art Robotic Studios. A robotic PR able to interact with people and bring e-commerce in the tangible world.


On the left: St.Horto, a biological harp contaminated by architecture, design, music and agronomy This installation has been set up by OFL with the contribution of 11 people. On the right: Aircam 3AXIS. Vito Frangione and his 3d printed steady cam.


Cesare Griffa and his Waterlilly, a bio-reactor able to manage a small ecosystem of seaweed and plankton through monitoring sensors. The project has been developed in Torino under Creative Commons license.


On the left: Laurence Humier, a belgian engineer who now lives in Italy. She blends food tutorials and chemistry. The news materials she somas up with are non-edible but they will make you fall in love with the periodic table. On the right: Amedeo D’Angelo and his ‘Humanoid’ build with the collegues at Super Diodo. The prototype features laser sensors, videocameras and a 1.2 GHz CPU board computer.

Many thanks also to Francesca Morosini, Fabio Bracarda and Enrico Caputo.


2 thoughts on “Makers Faire for WIRED magazine

  1. Bellissimo!
    Che bella sorpresa, grazie Mattia, mio figlio Paolo è davvero felice di vedere queste foto e di rivivere quei momenti meravigliosi del Maker Faire. Dove possiamo trovare la rivista wired cartacea dove sono pubblicate le tue foto?
    Grazie di nuovo.

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