Lapo Elkann for GQ Brasil

A feature I had the chance to shoot for the December issue of GQ Brasil. In a van with director of GQ Italia Carlo Antonelli, stylist Andrea Porro and my assistant Michela, we drove to Torino to hit the Juventus Stadium.

Below is a short paragraph I wrote, which was used on the contributors page of the magazine.

I met Lapo while I was taking the last pieces of equipment in the locker rooms. We were introduced to each other by Alessia, his agent, in a service corridor. Lapo immediately offered to help us bring some of the equipment downstairs, it made ​​me smile, but of course, we politely declined.

We spent two very special hours with Lapo, immersed in this large, silent stadium. While heading back, sitting in the van I realized I found him irresistible, the kind of person who, without knowing it, puts you immediately at ease. 

Very special thanks to: Carlo Antonelli, Livia Corbò, Andrea Porro, Maurizio Lucchese and Michela Locci.

Below the tearsheets with the interview by Carlo Antonelli:

LAPO-2 LAPO-4LAPO-5LAPO-8balsamini-GQ-brasil_LAPO_16

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