Amendola / Drone military base for WIRED Magazine

Last month I was sent on assignment for WIRED to document the activity of Amendola, a military base in the province of Foggia. The base has been converted into an operative control center of Predator and Reaper aircrafts drones.

The article by Federico Petroni explores past scenarios in which these aircrafts have been used, such as information acquisition in Afghanistan, and talks about the current use in the context of Mare Nostrum – an operation activated after the last tragic accident in Lampedusa – which objectives are to control the flow of migrants and reduce the dangers by constantly patrolling the skies above the island.

Predator drones are able to fly for more than 20 consecutive hours at heights of about 8000 meters. With good visibility they can read a name of a boat and even recognize faces of passengers. This last ability in particular has been key to organize rescue teams on land and arrest the illegal carriers.

balsamini-amendola-1 balsamini-amendola-2 balsamini-amendola-3 balsamini-REAPER-WIRED_12-extra balsamini-REAPER-WIRED_14 balsamini-REAPER-WIRED_18 balsamini-REAPER-WIRED_20

Below I’ve also included the cover of the newly restyled magazine and a spread featuring its manifesto for re-growth, a beautiful inspirational mantra for a new look at the future.

wired-cover wired-manifesto

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