The Special Need

About a month ago I contributed with some photographs to the making of the movie poster for The Special Need, a documentary movie directed by friend Carlo Zoratti. The film touches some complex issues in a delicate and clever way – I can’t say anything better than the synopsis below. If you’re in Italy make sure you attend one of the screenings and support Carlo and the entire crew who worked on it.

Enea is thirty years old, has a job and a problem. Or rather than a problem, a necessity. A special needs: make love . Enea also has two friends, Carlo and Alex, firmly resolved to help him. It’s not easy to achieve our own dreams, and it’s certainly not easy to achieve those of others. Expecially Enea’s dream, who is caught in the net of autism, requires particular delicacy. Will a little trip and a great all-male complicity create the right conditions?
In between a road documentary and a powerful sentimental investigation, The Special Need deals with the normality of diversity and never  loses sight of the lightness of the narrative. A poetic and dense silliness in which everyone will recognize doubts and the fragility of everyday life.

Special thanks to Carlo, Alex, Marina and Matteo for involving me. Here you can visit the movie page on Tucker Film, who is going to distribute it starting from April.



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