Gigi Buffon for WIRED

On the June issue of WIRED an in depth interview to Gigi Buffon and the reasons that pushed him to become majority shareholder of Zucchi & Bassetti.

Gigi talks, sitting at a table in an office that was once part of the company dormitory “My passion for the stock market started 15 years ago and Zucchi is a title that has always struck me. In a couple of years on a total of about 200 seats, it kept closing in negative. So, slowly, I started to buy actions, every day”. Shares continue to drop, but that is not enough to stop Buffon. “I continued to buy up to close to 2%”. Then, on a very positive day, the stock earns 40%. I was at a crossroads: to sell and earn or make this an adventure serious investment. I chose the difficult path”. 

Gigi Buffon – Interview by Omar Schillaci and Riccardo Meggiato / photographs: Mattia Balsamini. Many thanks to Francesca Morosini and her help during the location scouting harsh afternoon.

balsamini-buffon-zucchi-wired001_30b1 b2 b3

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