Nina Yashar for L’Arcobaleno

“Sometimes,” Yashar says, smiling, “I feel like a schizophrenic, because I like such very different things. But there is coherence. I love beauty, and that is the little thread between all my projects.”


From the moment you enter Nilufar Gallery, situated on Milan’s prestigious Via della Spiga, there’s a sense that you’re on the verge of discovery. The three-story space is dotted with perfectly composed design vignettes, one leading seamlessly to the next, drawing you further and further in. Every scene is an eclectic, unexpected mix of rich carpets, exceptional historical design pieces—works by Gio Ponti, Franco Albini, Pierre Cardin, and more—and contemporary designs by the likes of Martino Gamper and Arik Levy.

To the Beat of Her Own Drum / Nina Yashar in conversation with Anna Carnick

You can read the full article HERE.


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