Teatro Contatto 33 campaign

CSS Teatro stabile di innovazione del Friuli Venezia Giulia is an experimental Italian cultural company that produces a contemporary season called Teatro Contatto since 1982 , featuring both Italian and International artists. For the 33rd season, the visual campaign was themed after the idea of contact. Graphic design studio Think Work Observe together with Teatro Contatto, selected my personal project ‘Uno Zero Sette’ as a fit with the concept and adapted as a campaign.

TWO designed a series of posters and materials where each one of the 6 portraits has become both a single image and part of different combinations, to generate casual pairings. Together with the images I was asked to produce a short teaser video on the same concept, so we worked on the series idea translated into motion, keeping the characters consistent in the looks.

Many, many thanks to Teatro Contatto, Think Work Observe, Fabrizia Maggi, Elisa Dall’Arche , Alberto Moreu, Piero Di Biase, Edoardo Vojvoda, Mattia Del Moro, Teo Zanin, Cecilia Cappelli, Marco Balsamini, Florian Kee, Filippo Pellizzon.

Below some of the posters combinations, snapshots of the billboards.

995084_761944183847788_7571798843548478224_n 10603329_761944143847792_3947613638415675765_n 10616339_761944203847786_2804732994834705707_n 10649661_761944207181119_1987958322943695007_n 10625123_761944180514455_5255842087548185650_n 10649580_761944217181118_2923002533009381689_n


And the video teaser.

Video Credits_

Directed by Mattia Balsamini + Edoardo Vojvoda

Art Direction: Mattia Balsamini + Think Work Observe

Editing and Post Production: Edoardo Vojvoda

Assistant: Teo Zanin

Music: Mattia Del Moro

Sound Design: Riccardo Vojvoda

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