Formula E for Wired Magazine

This late August I was sent on assignment in the UK by WIRED to document the preparation behind Formula E debut event in Donington Park. The focus was on the technology behind these new type of completely battery-powered race cars from the perspective of Jarno Trulli’s team.

Infinite thanks to the people who made this possible: David Moretti, Francesca Morosini, Marianna Leone, Michael White, the Marra’s, Federico Ferrari, John Sears and all the staff at Team Trulli.

balsamini-wired-trulli-fe002 balsamini-wired-trulli-fe004Below: Michela Cerruti, 27 yr old, second pilot of the team.

balsamini-wired-trulli-fe005Below: inside the electrical engine is by McLaren, the ions battery by Willliams

balsamini-wired-trulli-fe012 balsamini-wired-trulli-fe013Below: the battery charger

balsamini-wired-trulli-fe014Below: the starting key.

balsamini-wired-trulli-fe023 balsamini-wired-trulli-fe009

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