The treasures of Fondazione Cini for L’Espresso

” We are in Vittorio Cini’s foundation who instituted it in 1951 in memory of his son Giorgio, who died in a plane crash near Cannes. Manager, entrepreneur, political and powerful protagonist of the transformation of Italy from a Country Farmer industrial nation, Cini was always a man of such power as to obtain from the post-war Republic, the state concession of the island of San Giorgio, with the goal of building there his foundation dedicated to the professional training of new executives. Owned by an omnivorous desire of knowledge Vittorio Cini not only built a collection, but an entire world. He chose his friends well, all well-educated gentlemen -architects and historians, and it was thanks to them that the levels reached a museum-like collection. Since last May this place is no longer just a monastery for Harvard professors or Nobel price scholars. The doors now they hatch, the treasures are revealed and these images are the first comprehensive testimony of the new life of a true Italian excellence. ” Rinascita di Venezia By Alessandra Mammì / photographs Mattia Balsamini Special thanks to Tiziana Faraoni, Elena Casadoro and Maurizio Polese. balsamini_cini_web001 balsamini_cini_web002 balsamini_cini_web003 balsamini_cini_web005 balsamini_cini_web006 balsamini_cini_web007 balsamini_cini_web008 balsamini_cini_web009 balsamini_cini_web010 balsamini_cini_web011 balsamini_cini_web012 balsamini_cini_web013

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