The West Family / Bolo Paper

Last December Pordenone hosted a three-day country fair. Visitors came from some of the most remote italian regions, as well as Germany, Switzerland and Slovenia. For a weekend the town exhibition halls have become saloons, ranches but above all dance floors. Partly for the masochism of wanting to hear country rock (and dance) music, but also a bit out of curiosity, I decided to attend it. In the end what came out is this publication, printed and published by Tipografia Reali and BOLO. The layout is by Cecilia Cappelli who re traced patterns of some of the many country dances. At this link you can find some more information if you are interested in getting a copy: Thanks to Teo Zanin following me and endures even when I myself do not know what I’m doing . _MG_7906_MG_7916-2 _MG_7927 _MG_7925 _MG_7924 _MG_7922 _MG_7919 _MG_7917 _MG_7916

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