Arts and Foods at Triennale for Italo Rota Studio

I recently worked on a documentation project of Arts & Foods, the exhibition Pavilion at Triennale di Milano, curated by Germano Celant and designed by Italo Rota. The project had been commissioned by Italo Rota Studio with which I had the chance to work closely before on a book photo essay. The exhibition, which is conceived as one of the official satellite pavilions of the Milan Expo, is a panoramic view of the way aesthetics and design are intertwined with the ritual of eating in an exhibition that is made up not just of artworks, but also of installations and aural, olfactory and cinematic experiences. I Interpreted the four main areas on which the exhibition develops with the four different concepts Rota’s worked with: white on white, color on color, grey on color and Cucine ed Ultracorpi, an excursus that plays with the idea that household appliances are aliens coming from another planet to conquer the world. The playful approach also works with the relationship between kitchen and home injuries.

I truly invite you to go and visit it, more info HERE.

Below a small selection of images taken from the four different series.

Special thanks to Francesca Grassi, Domiziana Bani, Marco Fabris and Teo Zanin for the collaboration on the shooting concepts.

balsamini_artsandfood11 balsamini_artsandfood06 balsamini_artsandfood07 balsamini_artsandfood08 balsamini_artsandfood09 balsamini_artsandfood10 balsamini_artsandfood12 balsamini_artsandfood13 balsamini_artsandfood14 balsamini_artsandfood15 balsamini_artsandfood16 balsamini_artsandfood17 balsamini_artsandfood18 balsamini_artsandfood19 balsamini_artsandfood20 balsamini_artsandfood21 balsamini_artsandfood22

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