Ai Pioppi for Smith Journal

Last March I shot a story on Bruno Zaghis and his mesmerizing amusement park for Smith Journal. This  place is quite special, as a matter of fact I was there again, just a few days ago, with some friends to have lunch and play.

“A few years after Bruno Zaghis started his restaurant in rural italy, he had the idea of building a small playground to attract customers. things ended up getting a little out of hand.”

“Cobbled together from recycled objects and brightly coloured iron, Zaghis’s park gives the impression of a giant Meccano set. Some of the attractions are simple: a trampoline made out of knotted bits of rubber, a giant hamster wheel, a seesaw. But others are fantastically ambitious.”

The story is by Adrian Craddock and Livia Albeck-Ripka, below you can see the tearsheets and some outtakes. Many thank to Adrian and Maurizio. Also, make sure you watch the beautiful movie produced by Fabrica, at this link.

116-120_theme-park_SJ15-1 116-120_theme-park_SJ15-2 116-120_theme-park_SJ15-3balsamini_smithjournal_aipioppi27-2 balsamini_smithjournal_aipioppi15-2 balsamini_smithjournal_aipioppi48-2 _MG_4992 balsamini_smithjournal_aipioppi40-2 balsamini_smithjournal_aipioppi43-2 balsamini_smithjournal_aipioppi05-2 balsamini_smithjournal_aipioppi28-2 balsamini_smithjournal_aipioppi33-2 balsamini_smithjournal_aipioppi52-2 _MG_4744 _MG_5070

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