On the changes at WIRED Italia

On June 25th I was saddened by the news of Condé Nast Italia making substantial cuts to the editorial team of WIRED, down to six editors and only two issues per year – this is the original press release of June 25th. I have fond memories of working for the magazine throughout these year and wanted to share one of them. Francesca Morosini was the first photo editor to commission me with an assignment in 2012.

It was sometime in mid-October and I just entered at LUZ, my current photo agency. She gave me a call and called me the day after my portfolio was sent to her desk by my agent. WIRED was a magazine that I always highly admired and getting job for them sounded too good to be true. I clearly remember being so nervous over the phone that I almost forgot to ask her where the job would have taken place, so she had to say something like “are you not gonna ask me where you have to go?”.  The assignment was a story about a Job Search Engine in Milan called Jobrapido, you can see some of the images here.

The day of the shoot she came along with me and the journalist and helped by pointing out some interesting angles and situations, and I thanked her by accidentally dropping  my camera tripod on her foot. That think dropped so quickly and heavily that I truly though she would never want to see me again. Luckily it wasn’t so. The shoot went fairly well and I started collaborating with WIRED magazine more often. I found myself extremely compatible with the subject matter and aesthetics of the magazine and I feel that the many opportunities ended up really forging my style in a specific direction.

I will be eternally grateful to the team at WIRED, Carlo Antonelli, Massimo Russo, Francesca Morosini, David Moretti (who now moved to WIRED US), Guido Romeo, Marianna Leone, Andrea Girolami and everybody who I got involved with and helped us reduce and facilitate shoot productions. I wish the best of luck to the entire team and look forward to their future as the online version will continue to live on and expand. 1393584154_cover-scimmia-marzo-14

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