Teatro Contatto 34 – Video

For this year’s season of Teatro Contatto we’ve been asked by the good friends at Think Work Observe to work on a new teaser clip as an anticipation of the themes treated in the spectacles. In addition to the issues related with -contact- the video had to tap in the relationship between the public and private sphere and the idea of censorship.

We decided to film two separate set of actions, the first one against a white background, representing the public, what occurs in front of someone’s eyes, the second on one, representing the private, hidden and untold. By merging the two aspects in a single frame, we were able to articulate a more complex and layered set of issues, letting the viewer create his own impression.

Many thanks to Fabrizia Maggi, Luisa Schiratti, Elisa Delle Arche and Think Work Observe for this project.


Art Direction and Concept Video
Mattia Balsamini
Edoardo Vojvoda

Editing and Post Production
Edoardo Vojvoda

Teo Zanin

Mattia Del Moro

Sound Design
Riccardo Vojvoda

tc34-2 tc34-3 tc34-4 tc34-5 tc34-6

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