Screening Hotel Turismo

In 2012 Edoardo Vojvoda and I traveled to the region of Formosa, Argentina, to produce a story about local natives. The video documentary is finally ready and will be screened next week at Palazzo Ragazzoni, Sacile.

In the remote region of Formosa, Argentina, Wichí and Pilagà tribes living on the outskirts of small cities are re–organizing around a modern way of life they don’t belong in. Hotel Turismo is the name of structure which was never built and was supposed to give occupation to many of the unemployed inhabitants of these villages.

In case you are in the area, we would love to see you at the screening, at this link you can subscribe to the Facebook event:



A documentary directed by Edoardo Vojvoda — Produced by Edoardo Vojvoda and Mattia Balsamini — Photographs by Mattia Balsamini.

With the support of:
Fondazione San Vicente de Paùl e Ministero del Turismo di Formosa.

Sponsored by:
Comune di Sacile and Lions Club Sacile.

Thursday, October 15th, 8,30 pm.
Palazzo Ragazzoni, Sala del Ballatoio
Viale Zancanaro, Sacile


Sound design & Mix – Riccardo Vojvoda
Composer – Daniel Diaz
Graphics & Maps – Christian Babuin
Interviews – Maria Delfina Pàez
Narration – Mavì Carcione
Translation – Anna Rihawi

A special thank you mention to Gianni Camol and Maria Delfina Pàez.

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