IUAV Design della Moda for D La Repubblica

I photographed students of Iuav Design della Moda for the new cover story of D La Repubblica written by Serena Tibaldi — great to have had this opportunity, it’s always nice to work near home. Thank you Photo Editor Manila Camarini and Art Director Pamela Berry and to the beautiful people who we met and helped us (impossible to mention them all) Maria Luisa Frisa,  Mario Lupano, Saul Marcadent, Gabriele Monti and Teo Zanin.

D-2017-1040-D_COPERTINA_COVER_19_D-2017-1040-D_ATTUALITA_COVERSTORY_32-1 copia9_D-2017-1040-D_ATTUALITA_COVERSTORY_32-2 copia9_D-2017-1040-D_ATTUALITA_COVERSTORY_32-3 copia9_D-2017-1040-D_ATTUALITA_COVERSTORY_32-4 copia9_D-2017-1040-D_ATTUALITA_COVERSTORY_32-5 copia


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