SPIDI adv 2017/2018

New campaign for SPIDI photographed under the creative direction of Nicolò Cunico at Adacmaster.

Many thanks to Marco Ferrari, Teo Zanin, Leonardo Golzato and Valeria Farinella. 

SPD_PRNT_ADV_18_ARMAKORE-2balsamini_spidi_2018_47_MG_3898_MG_4280_1SPD_PRNT_ADV_18_RACEWARRIOR-4_U8A6503-2balsamini_SPIDI_LA_59_MG_3454_1SPD_PRNT_ADV_18_VOYAGER-3SPD_PRNT_ADV_18_CARBORIDER-1SPD_PRNT_ADV_18_CARBORIDER-3balsamini_spidi_2018_39SPD_PRNT_ADV_18_MODULAR-2_MG_3003balsamini_SPIDI_LA_45 (3)SPD_PRNT_ADV_18_SUPER-2

balsamini_SPIDI_LA_34 (1)_U8A5503balsamini_SPIDI_LA_34-(3)



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