Chef Bottura for Protagonist

Massimo Bottura for Protagonist — thank you Achille Filipponi Undesign Studio, Tommaso Delmastro, Michele Bortolami, Teo Zanin.


Econocom 2019

New Adv work for Econocom with Sterling Cooper.

Account Director: Alessia Bernava
Account Executive: Nicoletta Galleani
Executive Creative Director: Simone Cristiani
Creative Director: Matteo Mascetti

Executive Producer: Antonella Montagnani
Casting: Vanessa Contini

Stylist: Fabio Mercurio
MUA: Giuseppe Lorusso


The Last Things.

On April 18, 2015, a ship sinks on its way from Libya to Europe. 528 bodies are recovered from the wreck a year later. A team headed by forensic scientist Cristina Cattaneo collected and cataloged all items on the wreck. Thank you Jakob Feigl.


Stretching Routine for Kristalia

– A new series by Mattia Balsamini and Studio Fludd for Kristalia Design

Kristalia design pieces become active players in dynamic states of balance. The gym scenario suggests a challenging equilibrium between fun and discipline, body intelligence and rational control, repetition versus randomness.

Stemming of the previous collaborative project Wasted Arena where Mattia Balsamini and Studio Fludd spent a day roaming around the beaches on Lido di Venezia with a survival kit of mixed materials play-fighting on ephemeral battlegrounds on Stretching Routine the attention admittedly shifted towards a controlled and playful environment. As classic pieces got reworked and redesigned, they needed their skills and shapes to be tested.