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When it comes to retouching it’s so ridiculously important the genre of music you listen to.

It can makes the difference in your final image.

Me and Miles O’Sullivan, my retouching studio partner, had several conversations on the topic; and we generally come up with some interesting combinations. Its just a thought, but we had the idea of creating some sort of “compilation for digital imaging artist”, that people play straight, without having to skip any song (’cause its too slow, too fast, too happy etc)…just…creating the perfect mix tape. Impossible? Maybe…but stay tuned, because its going to happen soon.

In my opinion, it really depends on what kind of work you’re doing. In my case I’ve been doing lots of cars, and realized I couldn’t use my usual pandora stations tuned on Delta Blues: it just didn’t work, I couldn’t even focus.

I randomly decided to give another shot to the Pat Metheny Group Radio ( used to listen to it quite often a year ago ). Some of you will not be able to go past min 5, but if you like him, the song below is heaven. May I say a f*^%*ng masterpiece? Yes I can.

Long story short, I started working on a new project, and this is its soundtrack.

Enjoy the beginning of the week!


Music, Images, Friends: good stuff.

Last night I experienced probably one of the best and most touching live performances of my life.

Willy took good care of us (George, Jenna and Veronica) by driving his stick-shifted ford focus to Ojaj. Destination: Matilija Auditorium.

Eric Bibb, one of my new favorites contemporary acoustic blues players.

As I walk inside the place, everything reminds me of a school play evening – I think we’ve all got that impression. We find some good seats on the left rows and as he walks in I can’t help but smile: shiny white leather shoes, an impeccable purple shirt topped by his hat and the biggest smile (which he never really got rid of for the entire show).

We managed to describe his voice as if it was “coming out of a hollow tree”. Filling I would say, just like his guitar playing. Eric is a solid man all around.¬†Played originals, old standards and dropped some interesting quotes like:

guitar tuning is like airplane maintenance: always worth it

We all walked out of that place SATISFIED. – I think George took a picture of him so he’s got a piece of his soul as well. His new album Booker’s Guitar is playing in loop on my itunes now.

Thanks to everyone I had the pleasure to spend the night with yesterday.

As a “side note”: I am working on some new CGI automotive imagery, this Range Rover is my last rendering.