Findings #3

I’m having doubts on wether I should keep posting in english or translate in italian as well. If you guys feel like it, leave a comment (or email me) and tell me what makes most sense to you. Expecially the italians, it would be much appreciated. Last week I had to go through some old photographs and found some of them below. It looks very distant to me, but about 7 years ago I was racing a little bit around the globe, doing pretty good. I thought it was fun/cute/nice to share.

And sorry for the big gap in postings, I’m almost done retouching for an adv campaign we shot two weeks ago in Milan. I’ve been spending my days at the computer. News Soon!

Back on track.

I’ve been thinking of somewhat getting back on track. The to do list to achieve it includes – but it’s not limited to:


-Getting my fucking blog back.

-Being on fucking time, all the time.

-Shooting what the fuck I want.

-Stop drinking fucking soda.

-Blasting fucking dubstep in my apartment complex even if it’s rude.


I started photographing men, friends for the most part, they all have stories to tell. This is Leo, from an ongoing series/side project.

Stay tuned.




back from another 9 hours of shooting.

I forgot to tell you! A few weeks ago I’ve been invited by photographer, educator and author Chris Orwig to take portaits of the speakers at TEDx American Riviera, an intensive conference that focuses on how imagination affects our lives and significantly influences Technology, Entertainment and Design. The event has hosted some interesting personalities throughout the years, such as Brian Greene, Jane Goodall and Al Gore. It’s organized and sponsored by TED, a small nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading.


The American Riviera version of it has been hosted in Santa Barbara and focused topics related to biology, renewable energy resources, interpersonal relationships and much much more. All of this in really short concise speeches by the most relevant thinkers of the area such as former surfing world champion Shaun Tomson and director of the ground-breaking Center for Nanomedicine Dr. Jamey Marth.

Make sure you check out their site for other upcoming TEDx in your area.

Below the group shot taken the day of the event.


I have to be honest, it hasn’t been easy lately. Some major changes in life forced me LEARN how things most of the times are not what they seem.

And although I try my best to not be overly dramatic (maybe pretending I’m fully comfortable) , I think that in this case saying “I felt like shit” is the best way to express the concept.


Situations change, and I move on.

Stimulating work, on the other hand, has kept my brain in healthy mode. A month ago I’ve been contacted by Reesa Ali. I like to refer to her as an western indian creative thinker, but she likes to be called a Kitchen Product Developer. She is working on her first entertainment cookbook; a journey how we like to call it. Reesa is creating, producing and publishing the entire project, which will be available for purchase in libraries across the country and Amazon.

Check out book news on her personal page.  (I’ve never had such amazing food during a shoot)

Below some screengrabs of the italian and spanish menu we worked on.



Hanging out and taking portraits of Chris Orwig and his family yesterday.

Chris is a friend, educator and had been one of the greatest retouching instructors I’ve ever had.

He finally settled in his new (and stunning)  place in Montecito.

This is probably one of my favorite shots we took.

PS. If you are interested in some of his lectures you should check out his tutorials on

going to da beach.

Taking a break from classes for a week, tonight I’m heading north, to Cambria to shoot a wedding.

Italian documentary photographer and Friend Domenico Ponziano is getting married tomorrow. I’m exited and emotional for him.

There is tons of portfolio material i will share soon, “tenete sù le recie” (transl. stay posted)