The Last Things.

On April 18, 2015, a ship sinks on its way from Libya to Europe. 528 bodies are recovered from the wreck a year later. A team headed by forensic scientist Cristina Cattaneo collected and cataloged all items on the wreck. Thank you Jakob Feigl.



Stretching Routine for Kristalia

– A new series by Mattia Balsamini and Studio Fludd for Kristalia Design

Kristalia design pieces become active players in dynamic states of balance. The gym scenario suggests a challenging equilibrium between fun and discipline, body intelligence and rational control, repetition versus randomness.

Stemming of the previous collaborative project Wasted Arena where Mattia Balsamini and Studio Fludd spent a day roaming around the beaches on Lido di Venezia with a survival kit of mixed materials play-fighting on ephemeral battlegrounds on Stretching Routine the attention admittedly shifted towards a controlled and playful environment. As classic pieces got reworked and redesigned, they needed their skills and shapes to be tested.


Step, Touch, Kneel, Look, Rub, Grasp, Repeat

Opening next Thursday in Paris at Page Blanche.

The exhibition will feature photographic work by Piergiorgio Sorgetti, Benedetta Casagrande, Mattia Parodi, Marina Caneve, Elena Negri, Mattia Balsamini, Iacopo Pasqui, Sara Barcaroli, Simone Mizzotti and Nicola Novello.

The works were developed within the context of “Cuore di Pietra”, a workshop/residency program led by me and writer Wu Ming 2 last spring. The initiative was developed by Sineglossa, and resulted in this little publication by Skinnerboox:

See you there?SKRTLGR.gif