Printing Solids!

Yesterday I spent some time at Grab Group, an architecture and design studio where good friend Edoardo Pedrotti works at.

The place kinda looks like this.

The studio recently bought a 3d printer, which can create solids of every shape and function – with very few restrictions.

Through a software that kinda looks like this…

You can get whatever you want, in this case a little robot and after you take out the structural parts…

You can get something like this.

This is Megaphone Records new gadget. I’ve gotta say, it’s really sturdy and cute. It was fascinating to see it develop from CAD into reality.

Soon, this and many other keychain robots will be available for sale on their site and at all shows featuring one of their bands ( I think ) . Support them, the music they strive to produce is some of the most authentic in our country.

The truth is, iron has a flavor.

Just started working together with friend and graphic designer Matteo Piani at a new project. I’m seriously extremely exited! It doesn’t happen very often to have almost complete freedom

in terms of art direction. We’ve been asked to produce a monographic book for Alberto Pasqual, a smith and artist who still works iron the old way. Probably the last remaining true artisan of this kind in the country. Needless to say it’s going to be a real privilege. Yesterday we had a preliminary meeting and had a chance to visit his lab. Pretty fascinating.

Can’t wait to photograph his beautiful art.

Back on track.

I’ve been thinking of somewhat getting back on track. The to do list to achieve it includes – but it’s not limited to:


-Getting my fucking blog back.

-Being on fucking time, all the time.

-Shooting what the fuck I want.

-Stop drinking fucking soda.

-Blasting fucking dubstep in my apartment complex even if it’s rude.


I started photographing men, friends for the most part, they all have stories to tell. This is Leo, from an ongoing series/side project.

Stay tuned.


S***t! I’m getting FAT.


You should check this out.

As I have anticipated some time ago, I’ve had the honor selected from the Terragona Food Photo Festival to be one of the 22 (according to them) most badass european photographers focusing directly on food (or food related) imagery.

Among the others, living legend Francesco Tonelli, Italian professional Chef and food photographer based in New York. So yeah, just being on the same page with his name makes me pretty proud.

At this link you can find all the featured photographers, I suggest you check every single website link. Amazing work. >>


good things.

Just got contacted by the editor of  FOODPHOTO FESTIVAL (in beautiful Terragona, Spain) as a nominated artist for the awards that are going to be given in the next weeks.

The selected images include part of my junk  food related series. Some of which are available online in my “banal” portfolio at

I’m also very exited for some of my Bio-illogical prints to soon be featured at Silvergreens Restaurant in Isla Vista. I will update you on that.

Below, something to change direction of the post. Bon Appètit!!!


I finished (de)constructing my new website. It’s up for you to take a look.

These months have been filled with intense emotions and things to do. Things to look forward to.

My body is sore from remodeling Mr. LaChapelle’s studio and the heart is filled with love for the friends I spend the day working with. My thoughts go to George and Alex in particular.

Sara Spadotto, an amazing designer and succulent plants lover revamped my brand identity and promo material (I will share it with you guys soon)

and helped give a new spin to my latest body of work.

Let me know what you think of it!