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I shot a new cover story for IL Magazine, out today. A cynical story by Guia Soncini on the contradictions and dangers of having all the knowledge available to us and not really caring about it.

As usual many thanks to Editor in Chief Christian Rocca, Art director Davide Mottes, Photo editor Raffaele Vertaldi and Micaela Bonetti. Plus partner in crime Teo Zanin.







IUAV Design della Moda for D La Repubblica

I photographed students of Iuav Design della Moda for the new cover story of D La Repubblica written by Serena Tibaldi — great to have had this opportunity, it’s always nice to work near home. Thank you Photo Editor Manila Camarini and Art Director Pamela Berry and to the beautiful people who we met and helped us (impossible to mention them all) Maria Luisa Frisa,  Mario Lupano, Saul Marcadent, Gabriele Monti and Teo Zanin.

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Why Germany is Germany – for IL

Why Germany is Germany – Portrait of Europe’s strongest and wariest nation.

A set of images for the cover story of IL Idee & Lifestyle.

Many thank to Editor in Chief Christian Rocca, Art Director Davide Mottes, Photo Editor Raffaele Vertaldi and Graphic Designer Micaela Bonetti.



Salviati 2017

For Salviati’s restyling I co–art directed and photographed three small photo essays about their production, beautifully designed by Aut. Thank you very much to Riccardo Berrone, Luca Coppola, Chiara Onida, Federico Bovara, Dario Stellon for involving me in this project. Below some spreads of the books.


Images from the Future for WIRED on show at Palazzo della Triennale

Opening April 20th, 2017.

The exhibition will feature a selection of images taken from WOW, the new issue of Wired magazine. The pictures illustrate the main new developments in innovation by artists such as Mattia Balsamini, Alex John Beck, Obert Benson, Philippe Braquenier, Daniel Brown, Nicola Galli, Sean Lemoine, Spencer Lowell, Etienne Malapert, Benedict Redgrove, Craig Ward, Dan Winters, Patrick Witty and others. The show is curated by Wired Italia, in collaboration with MINI.



FVG Price 2017

I’m beyond thrilled to announce I’ve been awarded this year’s Friuli Venezia Giulia Price for regional author at CRAF Centro di Ricerca e Archiviazione Fotografica.

Somewhat disarming to learn the national author award goes to the immense Letizia Battaglia.

My gratitude goes first and foremost to Guido Cecere, for always supporting my work, together with Walter Liva and all the staff at CRAF.

There will be a show opening at the beginning of July, for which I will make sure to bother you enough ahead of time.