When Machines Think – for IL

A set of images for IL Magazine, illustrating a piece by Vincenzo Latronico through logic gates built out of Lego, originally designed by Random Wraith.

These images wouldn’t have been possibile without the help of Cristiano Spiller and Edoardo Pedrotti. Many thanks to Francesco Franchi and Raffaele Vertaldi.

The article can be found here: http://24ilmagazine.ilsole24ore.com/2016/06/oltre-il-codice/


Italy’s change of face for WIRED

“Europe is transforming by integrating new ethnic groups to local cultures. It is the end of an era, the ’emergency emigration’, which sparked out of Middle Eastern wars and population boom in Africa, will require radical choices . And very urgent ones.”

For a piece by Emma Bonino published on the latest issue of WIRED Italy, a series of portraits with the creative direction of David Moretti and Massimo Pitis . Thanks to Francesca Morosini and Anna Francavilla  as well as Federica Marziale Iadevaia, Teo Zanin and Judy Bedetti.


Coin Goldsmith Factory for The International New York Times

Inside Coin for a feature on italian goldsmith Coin:

“In the outskirts of the city, where industrial buildings abut agricultural fields, the Coin factory whirs with activity. Hidden behind several security doors, artisans in green lab coats file, polish and set jewelry while nearby machines toil away at their own jobs, printing out wax models and spinning wire into springy tubes.”

At this link the full article and slideshow.

Many thanks to photo editor Gaia Tripoli and Laura Rysman.

Worker selecting and placing precious stones onto jewelry.

A worker perectioning the closing mechanism of a neckless.

1-kilogram gold bars ready to be divided into pieces and melted.

Fusing gold scraps in the foundry department.

A wax injector to create molds.

Vaporized water used to clean up finished pieces.

balsamini_INYT_Coin_042 copia

Wax molds.

Metal molds inside the foundry department.

Ring rendering in the design department.

Bracelet in the belt furnace.

Worker fixing the closing mechanism of a bracelet.